Collected Notes on GnuGk Configuration and other VOIP Issues

A Look at H.323 Encryption or Why your AES encryption might be worth nothing

Monitoring the GNU Gatekeeper

Using Asterisk as a H.323 / SIP gateway

Compatibility tips for Tandberg equipment

Managing Polycom MCUs and endpoints

Compatibility tips for LifeSize endpoints

GnuGk/VRRP Howto (by Andrew Olson)

Using TCP keepalive

Configuring BSDRadius for GnuGk, Part 2: Prepaid Billing

Configuring Cisco Communications Manager to route calls to GnuGk and on to a Codian 4205 MCU (PDF by Lucas Phelps)

Configuring a Cisco AS5300 for GnuGk (notes by Eric Hu)

Configuring a Cisco ATA186 / ATA188 for GnuGk (notes by Vladimir Botka)

Configuring GnuGk for Cisco GK with IP-to-IP Gateway (notes by Sean Salomon)

Configuring GnuGk for use with a Siemens HiPath (notes by Teodor Georgiev)

Configuring a Welltech Wellgate 3802 for GnuGk

Configuring a Quintum gateway for GnuGk (notes by Teodor Georgiev)

Configuring a Cirilium 8000 for GnuGk (by Helaine Utrini)

Configuring a Swyx Server for GnuGk (by Roberto Piola)

Using Netmeeting with a H.323 Gatekeeper

Packetizer (huge amount of H.323-related information)

H.323 Implementers' Guides (highly technical)

IP Telephony Cookbook (many references to GnuGk)

Gnu Gatekeeper man page

Last updated: 04. May 2017