GNU Gatekeeper Web Interface

The web interface supports the configuration as well as monitoring the running GNU Gatekeeper (calls, registrations and statistics).

It can be used from a desktop web browser as well as on mobile devices.

The interface runs on a PHP enabled webserver on the GnuGk server (tested with Apache and IIS and PHP 5 and PHP 7).

Please try the online demo (user name "demo", password "demo").

Screenshots of a few pages:


The web interface works best with GnuGk 3.8 and later, but you can also use it with GnuGk 3.1 and above if you don't want to upgrade, yet.

The web interface is a commercial add-on to the GNU Gatekeeper. You can order it here.

Please support the OpenSource project by purchasing the web interface.

Last updated: 28. Oct 2016
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