Configuring a Swyx Server for GnuGk

Thanks to Roberto Piola for these hints:

It works if I configure the link between Swyx and GnuGk as "locally managed" on the Swyx server, i.e.: if Swyx registers as a gateway on the GnuGk, not if I try to register GnuGk as an endpoint of Swyx (that should act as a gatekeeper). Moreover, the Swyx server must have some registry tweaking:


Where the 999 in the replacement string is the prefix I want to use to reach GnuGk from Swyx.

Swyx Server 6.x and 7.x

It appears that Swyx Server version 6.x and up require the name of the H.323 trunk as an additional alias in the Setup message. To add it automatically, GnuGk starting with version 2.3.4 has a new config option:


Last updated: 03. May 2011