OpenH323 Gatekeeper Interoperability

Here is a list of H.323 products that have been tested by various members of the GnuGk community. The tests most certainly didn't cover all features of those products, but at least simple calls were possible.

ProductGnuGk VersionComment
Aastra OpenCom 10102.3.5OK
Accel Elite 2002.0.5OK, as endpoint and gateway
Accel Elite 800 /
ACCORD MGC-100 MCU / sw version 2.231.0 pre 8OK
ACME NET-NET SD (v4)2.2.4OK, as Routed Signaling Gatekeeper
Acmepacket SBC
ACT Sagitta IP Phone1.0OK, use firmware >=2.09
AddPac VoiceFinder AP-200 / 6.0672.0.5OK, supports CAT for RadAuth module
AddPac VoiceFinder AP-200B/D2.0.6OK
AddPac VoiceFinder AP-200E/AP10022.0.7OK
AddPac AP-11002.0.6OK
Aethra MaiaXC
Aethra Vega Star Silver 6.0.492.3.1OK
Aethra Vega X3
AG-168 one port gateway2.0.5OK
AGP Telecom GD1000 gateway (SW 1.2.0)2.2.0OK
AGP Telecom P10,P20,P21 (SW h.450.60-8a0)2.2.0OK
aiOne323 v1.
Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise R5.12.0.6OK
Alcatel OmniPCX Office R.3, R.4 and R.52.0.3OK
Alcatel Softswitch (SMC 3.0)2.2.1OK, GK-GK scenario in routed mode
Allied Telesyn VP504E FXO Gateway2.0.2OK
Allied Telesyn VP504E FXS2.0.2OK
Altertex PBX3.3OK
Amerilat 5302 FXS2.0OK
Amerilat 5504 FXO2.0OK
Anka Voip phone2.0.3OK
Antek gateway EGW-9040.17OK
Antek VSP-20042.0.2OK
Antek VSP-2510 with 2 VM 4022.2.1OK
Antek VSP-50022.2.1OK
Antek VSP-50042.2.1OK
Anyuser IP Phone0.17OK
Ascend MAX 6000, TASO 9.0-154.02.0OK
Ascend MAX 60000.17OK
Ascend TNT / TAOS
Ascend MaxTNT / TAOS 9.01.0pre6OK
Ascom APA-45o-Voice and APA-45i-Voice1.0OK
Asiasoft SOX-90002.2.1OK
Asterisk with Oh3232.2.5OK, see config notes
Asterisk since V 0.962.2.2OK
Asterisk PBX / CVS version April 20032.0.3OK
AT-323 ip phone2.0.5OK
Audiocodes gateway MP-10x2.0OK
Audiocodes Mediant20002.0.2OK
Auvtech VoIP Gateway
Auvtech VoIP Softswitch
Avaya 4602SW3.6Failed, uses H.323 message encoding, but in non-standard way
Avaya 4610SW2.2.3Failed, uses H.323 message encoding, but in non-standard way
Avaya Communication Manager, use H.323 trunk without registering with Avaya
Avaya IP Office 4.0(10)2.2.6OK
Avaya IP Softphone, uses H.323 message encoding, but in non-standard way
Avaya MCU Version, works only in routed mode
Avaya one-X Communicator, uses H.323 message encoding, but in non-standard way
Avaya Scopia XT 50004.1OK, incl. H.460.18 and H.239
Avaya Scopia XT 71003.8OK
AVER EVC 1504.9OK, issue with H.235 passwords
AVer HVC 3302.0.7OK
BATM Access 2012.2.0OK, problems with GRQ and NAT
BCM HP-1802.0.5OK
BCM KG1000-LS-HX2.0.2OK
BCM KG1000-L2S-HX2.0.2OK
Boscom Bosanova USB Connect
BTL IPPhone, RADvision 1.02.0 beta 8OK
Centnet CNG2000 gateway0.17OK
CentralityComm PA1688 based Lan Phone2.0.3OK
Cirilium Call Manager2.0.3OK, but no H.323 in NATed networks
Cirilium Media Gateways2.0.3OK, but no H.323 in NATed networks
Cisco ATA 186-L-I22.0.1OK
Cisco ATA 1862.0.6OK
Cisco 17502.0 beta 3OK
Cisco 17512.0.2OK
Cisco 1751V 4FXO IOS
Cisco 2610 gateway0.17OK
Cisco IP/VC 3511 MCU (sw 4.2.10)2.2.2OK
Cisco 36402.0.7OK
Cisco 36402.0.2OK, Media Gateway as permanent endpoint
Cisco 37252.0.6OK
Cisco 53002.0.3OK
Cisco 5300, 5400 IOS 12.2,3 13.x2.0.2OK
Cisco 53502.0.6OK
Cisco 54002.2.2OK
Cisco 54002.0.2OK
Cisco AS5850 12.3(9)2.2 beta 4OK
Cisco 72062.0.2OK
Cisco 75072.0.2OK
Cisco 79052.0OK
Cisco 7905G2.0.6OK, specify H.323 firmware when ordering!
Cisco 79602.0.4OK
Cisco IP/VC 3540 MCU module2.0 beta 9OK, except proxy mode, set MCU to register as gateway to support prefixes
Cisco 3620 IOS 12.2T T H245 PRI Gateway2.0 beta 9OK, some known Cisco H.323 implementation issues
Cisco 3660 Gateway1.0OK, must give H323-ID and put it in gatekeeper.ini
Cisco MC38102.0 beta 2OK
Cisco 827-4V ADSL router2.0.3OK
Cisco AS5300 gateway1.0OK, see config notes
Cisco AS5350 IOS
Cisco C204.7OK
Cisco C404.7OK
Cisco C604.7OK
Cisco C2600 IOS 12.3(24)3.0OK, incl. IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy
Cisco CallManager 3.1(3c)2.0 beta 9OK, register as gateway
Cisco IAD 24312.2.1OK
Cisco IP Softphone with Netmeeting Collaboration mode2.0 beta 9OK, Netmeeting LDAP problem
Cisco IP/VC3510 MCU1.0OK
Cisco IP/VC3520 gatekeeper1.0OK as neigbour gatekeeper
Cisco MGCP 8 port E1 module Gateway via CCM2.0 beta 9OK, some known Cisco H.323 implementation issues
Cisco SX-203.6OK
Cisco SX-803.6OK
Cisco TelePresence IP Gateway2.2.xOK
Cisco TelePresence IP VCR2.2.3-2OK
Cisco TelePresence MCU
Cisco TelePresence DX80 (ce8.2.2)4.3OK
Cisco VG2002.0.8OK
Cisco ubr9242.0.7OK
Citron CP-1102.0 beta 4OK
Citron CP-3102.0 beta 4OK
Clarent CallManager2.2.5OK
Clarent GK2.2.2OK, Clarent GK as endpoint, allow GW to GW calls
Clarent GW, as permanent endpoint
Clearone Collaborate3.5OK
Clearone VCB MCU3.5OK, neighbouring with MXM
Clipcomm CP-100/101 Phone2.0.2OK
Clipcomm CG-101 Gateway2.0.2OK
Codian ISDN Gateway v1.0/v1.12.2.3OK
Codian MCU4200 v1.3/v1.4/v1.52.2.3OK
Codian MCU42003.0OK, incl. IPv6
Codian MCU42203.0OK, incl. IPv6
Codian MCU4210 v1.52.2.8OK
Codian IPVCR2.2.2OK
Cortelco VOIP 2747 IP Phone OK
D-Link DG-102SH / firmware B432.0.5OK
D-Link DG-104SH/1.0B33-G2.0.3OK
D-Link DPH-802.2.1OK
D-Link DPH-100H2.0.3OK
D-Link DVC-10002.3.1OK, as permanent endpoint
D-Link DVC-20002.3.1OK, as permanent endpoint
D-Link DVG1104TH2.2.1OK
DataFlex Vine2.0.8OK
Davo Link / DV-1162.0.2OK
Dialogic Iplink SR 5.x2.0 beta 4OK
Digicom Voice Gate 1.02.0 beta 8OK
DIGITALK with CISCO 54002.2.4OK, as gateway endpoint
Digitalsis DSG1002.0.0OK
Digitalsis DSG2000-04S2.0.0OK
Digitalsis DSG2000-04T2.0.0OK
Dilithium Networks/DTG20002.2.xOK, 3G-324M <=> H.323 GK routed calls
DGT ATK 74102.2.4OK
DGT PVOIP Gateway, H.323 model v1.02.2.4OK
Dynamix DW-0202/h2.2.0OK
Eicon Diva Server VoIP Gateway 2.01.0OK
Eicon SoftIP version, T.38 FoIP also works fine
Elesign 17002.0OK
Elesign 17102.0.2OK
Elesign ECS48002.0.4OK
Ericsson DBC 34132.0.1OK, needs software FASBS 102 213/IP R1D, use as permanent endpoint
Ericsson DRG22 / HW R2A / SW R4A2.0.7OK
Ericsson HL250dp / HW R1A / SW
Ericsson WebSwitch 100 vers.
Fayn UP 1202.2.1OK
France Telecom IP203.7OK
GaoKe IAD / MG60082.2.3-2OK
Genesis BizVoice 4L (NAT)2.0 beta 9OK
Gnomemeeting beta 4OK
Goldenfuture GF1012.2.2OK
Goldenfuture IAD GW1012.2.2OK
Huawei Expert A80102.0.5OK
Huawei T10 firmware Dec 13, 20174.9OK
Huawei T204.9OK
Huawei T30 firmware Apr 4, 20184.9OK
Huawei ViewPoint 82202.0.8OK
Huawei VP9030 Release_11., incl. H.460.18
Huawei VP9650 MCU3.5OK
Hughes HN7740 VSAT2.3.3OK, use [ReplyToRasAddress]
ICS NovoGate2.2.2OK
i3micro VRG1222.0.6OK
Inalp SmartNode 1200/14002.0.3OK
Inalp SmartNode 13002.0.2OK
Inalp SmartNode 2300 (with 2xIC-4brv)2.0.2OK
Innomedia Videophone MTA 3368 Ver II (S/w 1.04)2.0.6OK
Innovaphone IP0011 V11r2 sr34.1OK
Innovaphone IP111 V11r1 sr34.1OK, both IPv4 and IPv6 work fine
Innovaphone IP200 / TipTel 2000.17OK
Innovaphone IP200 / IP2022.0.9OK, V5.01 sr1-hotfix IP200[04-5825] needed for H.235
Innovaphone IP222 V12r1 final4.3OK, incl. H.460.17 (H.323/TCP)
Innovaphone IP232 V11r2 sr34.1OK
Innovaphone IP4001.0OK
Innovaphone IP3000 / firmware 4.010.18 pre 1OK
Innovaphone myPBX Android V12r14.3OK, incl. H.460.17 (H.323/TCP)
Intel Elite 808X VOIP Gateway2.0 beta 2OK
Intel Internet Phone beta 4OK
Internet Telecom H323 GWs2.0OK
IP Blue VTALL 1.14.2OK
IP Centrex Phone0.17OK
IP Planet VIP-000 / version
IP Planet VIP-100T2.0.5OK, reboot to re-register after GnuGk restart
IP Planet VIP-400 Gateway / firmware 3.031.0 and 2.0 beta 6OK
i-p-tel Callrunner analog 1.21.0OK
i-p-tel Callrunner digital 1.21.0OK
isdn2h323 0.2a21.0 pre 3OK, must use OpenH323 > 19.6.2001
Itone Primo Arlenet FXO/FXS2.0.2OK
IXC Softswitch2.2.3OK
Kedacom PCMT
Leadtek BVP 87702.0OK
Leadtek GVSC Phone
LG Ax-4202.0.2OK
LG Ax-5002.0.2OK
LG Ax-11002.0.2OK
LG Ax-20002.0.2OK
LG Ax-21002.0.2OK
LG-Nortel ipLDK-602.2.6OK, tested as gateway
Lifesize Express
Lifesize Express
Lifesize Icon 450 LS_RM3_3.0.04.3OK
Lifesize Icon 6003.5OK
Lifesize Icon 800 OK
Lifesize Networker 2.5.0 (10)2.2.7OK
Lifesize Passport3.4OK
Lifesize Room
Lifesize Room 200, incl. H.460.18
Lifesize Team 220
Lifesize Softphone
Mediatrix 1102, 1104, 12042.0.3OK
Mediatrix 1124, 14002.2.2OK
Memotec Cx20002.0.5OK
MERA MVTS Softswitch2.0.5OK, as permanent endpoint
Mera Voice Transit Switch2.0.8OK
Micronet SP5000/H323 ver. 2.1O US2.0OK
Micronet SP50042.2.2OK
Micronet SP5052 / 5054 FXO2.2.3-2OK
Microsoft Netmeeting 3.01 SP 22.0.5OK
Mirial Softphone
Mirial Softphone
Motorola 6455 Gateway2.0 beta 4OK
Motorola Vanguard 320 router (ONS 5.6)1.0pre8OK, all Vanguard models should work
Multitech MVP130 / firmware
Multitech MultiVoIP 200 Gateway / firmware 2.521.0 and 2.0 beta 6OK
NEC NEAX2400IPS (as gateway)
NEC TOPAZ (as gateway)
Nemo Softswitch V1.22.2.0OK, configured as endpoint
Netergy (ex 8x8) terminal adapter, Media Hub MH40.17OK
Netsynt Slimcase and VRC2.0.3OK
NexTone MSC2.2.4OK, MSC as endpoint
NexTone MSW v4.02.2.4OK
NewGrid FreeLine FL-8A2.0.6OK
NIC 3023/30242.0.4OK
NICSTEL 1018G2.0.5OK
NMS cg6000c1.0 pre 6OK
NMTEL Polestar MTA V0.92.0OK
NMTEL Polestar P Phone V1.02.0OK
NSG-3502 4AFXS2.0.3OK
Octopus Open 730,8302.2.1OK
OKI Voip-TA rev 12.0 beta 9OK
ONE200, ONE4002.0.5OK
OPAL Open Phone 3.8.0 on WinXP SP32.2.8OK
OpenH323 OpenPhone beta 6OK
OpenMCU-ru /
Orion VX1000 / VX2000 version
PacPhone, incl. H.460.18
Panasonic IP GW 16 v 2.0112.2.8OK, as permanent endpoint
Panasonic KX-VC 1600 OK
Patton (InAlp) 4524/22 2300,24002.0.7OK
Patton SmartNode 4112 R6.83.9OK
Pexip MCU version 11.x, 12.x and 13.14.2OK
Philips Sopho iS 30003.3OK
PictureTel 6801.0pre8OK
PictureTel 9001.0OK
Planet VIP-002.0.3OK
Planet VIP-0002.2.0OK
Planet VIP-101T2.2.0OK
Planet VIP-2002.0.4OK
Planet VIP-4002.0.3OK
Planet VIP-4002.2.0OK
PoleStart IP Phone2.0OK
Pollin IP-203.7OK
Polycom 5121.0OK
Polycom CMA 5000 4.01.04.ER0112.3.0OK, as neighbor
Polycom CMA Desktop Client v4.1.1.10102.3.0OK
Polycom HDX 4000 Release
Polycom HDX 60003.3OK
Polycom HDX 7000 HD/Release
Polycom HDX 8000 Release
Polycom HDX90022.2.6OK
Polycom HDX 9004, incl. H.460.18
Polycom m100, use GnuGk 2.3.6 to avoid crashing m100 when called
Polycom m100, incl. H.460.18
Polycom m100, incl. H.460.18
Polycom MGC+50, use "AcceptMCUPrefixes=1"
Polycom MGC+50
Polycom MGC-100 Release, use "Register as Gateway"
Polycom MGC 100 Ver.
Polycom MGC 100 Ver., must use GnuGk >= 2.2.7
Polycom HDX 9004 HD3.0OK, must use firmware >= 3.0.3 for IPv6
Polycom PVX
Polycom PVX
Polycom PVX
Polycom PVX
Polycom QDX 60002.3.2OK
Polycom RealPresence Desktop 2.13.2OK
Polycom RealPresence Desktop
Polycom RealPresence Debut OK
Polycom RealPresence Group 3004.1OK
Polycom RealPresence Group 5004.1OK
Polycom RealPresence Group 700 OK
Polycom RealPresence Mobile 3.1 (Android)3.5OK
Polycom RMX 200 v4.02.3.0OK
Polycom RMX 1500 FW
Polycom RMX 20002.3.3OK
Polycom RSS 4000 OK
Polycom V700
Polycom VBP 5300
Polycom ViaVideo
Polycom Viewstation 5002.3.0OK, incl. H.460.18
Polycom Viewstation EX
Polycom Viewstation SP
Polycom VSX 70002.0.8OK
Polycom VVX 6004.5OK
Quescom A400 (version P006)2.2.3OK
Quintum D3000, DX41202.2.5OK, see config notes
Quintum A400/A800, D800/1600/2400/D30002.0.9 / 2.2.0OK, see config notes
Quintum CMS, DX, AS*, AX*2.0.9 / 2.2.0OK, see config notes
Quintum AX24002.2.2OK, see config notes
Radvision BeeHD3.3OK
Radvision ECS, 2.2.7OK (GnuGk as neighbor, as proxy, inbound and outbound)
Radvision L2W-323A2.0OK, needs reboot to reregister after restart of GnuGK
Radvision Onlan MCU aka Cisco 3510 MCU2.0 beta 9OK, except proxy mode, set MCU to register as gateway to support prefixes
Radvision Scopia Elite 5110 MCU
Radvision Scopia XT50003.3OK
RadVision ViaIP 100 GW-B402.2.4OK
Radvision ViaIP 400
Radvision ViaIP 400 Embedded IVRs2.0 beta 9OK
Radvision ViaIP 400 + MVP2.0.6OK
Radvision XT1000 1.0.14A2.3.1OK
Radvision XT1200 GDE4.5OK
Ridgeway Systems VideoFreedom 5.22.0OK
Samsung GW 3200 (SMG3200V2.2:020307)2.0OK
Samsung Ubigate 20162.2.5OK, configured as endpoint & gateway
Samsung Ubigate 30262.2.5OK, configured as endpoint & gateway
Siemens LP5100 / Optipoint 3002.0 beta 4OK (H.323/H.450 firmware works, H.323/CorNet and SIP firmware doesn't)
Siemens Optipoint 4002.0.2OK(H.323/H.450 firmware works, H.323/CorNet and SIP firmware doesn't)
SJLabs SJPhone 1.10.187c2.0.5OK
SJLabs SJPhone 1.165.2637 on Win XP3.0OK
SJLabs SJPhone 1.160.299 on Linux3.0OK
Smith Micro Internet CommSuite 2.0 170.17OK
Snom100 / 1.15e2.0.3OK
SoftRadio SRG-1102.0OK
SonicWall E7500 5.2 /
Sonus-GSX9000 V05.00.12 R0002.0.3OK, configured as endpoint
Sony IPELA Communications Mobile 1.01 (Android)3.5OK
Sony IPELA Communications Mobile 1.1.0 (iOS)3.7OK
Sony PCS 1P2.0.6OK
Sony PCS14.1OK
Sony PCS 11P2.0.6OK
Sony PCS 16002.0.3OK
Sony PCS G50 Firmware 2.724.1OK
Sony TCS-TL502.2.6OK
Sony XC14.1OK
Sony XG774.1OK
Sony XG802.2.8OK
Sony XG1002.2.8OK
Sorenson EnVision 2.21.0OK
Suirui eSight MCU 1000 5.5.31_323.7OK
SwissVoice IP-10s2.0.5OK
SwissVoice IP-203.7OK
Swyx Server 4.302.0.8OK, see config notes
Swyx Server, see config notes
Swyx Server 6.x2.3.4OK, see config notes
Swyx Ware, see config notes
SystemBase DialGate-2040 FXS / FXO2.2.0OK
SystemBase DialGate-20422.2.0OK
SystemBase DialGate-21602.2.0OK
Tandberg Codian MCU2.0.5OK
Tandberg Codian IP VCR2.2.3-2OK
Tandberg Edge 85 MXP / F8.12.3.1OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg ISDN Gateway2.2.1OK
Tandberg 150 MXP2.0.8OK
Tandberg 5002.0OK
Tandberg 770 MXP / F4.12.0.8OK
Tandberg 880 / E5.22.0.8OK
Tandberg 990 MXP2.2.3OK
Tandberg 990 MXP2.3.2OK
Tandberg 10002.0OK
Tandberg 1000 classic2.3.0OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg 1000 Wireless B7.12.0.5OK
Tandberg 2500 / B4.3 PAL2.0.4OK
Tandberg 3000 MXP2.2.8OK
Tandberg 6000 MXP / F4.12.0.8OK
Tandberg C203.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg C603.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg C90 Release TC1.2.0.184520Beta22.3.1OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg Edge 75 MXP / F9.3.43.6OK
Tandberg Edge 85 MXP4.1OK
Tandberg Edge 95 MXP / F8.13.4OK
Tandberg EX903.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg MXP 17003.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg T1503.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg T150 MXP Edge4.1OK
Tandberg VCS, as neighbor
Techwell TMG1108 Gateway2.0.4OK
Tecom IP2005 IP-phone 1.19.0062.0.5OK
TEK DigiTel V-Server / software 3.01.0OK
TelecomChinaSourcing EP3012.0.8OK
Telefonik iPhone / version
Teles iGate2.2.2OK
Telesey CPVA5002.0.3OK
Teliann Teliphone 20002.0.3OK
Teliann 3100 (OS 4.1)2.0.5OK
Telimax 2022.0OK
Telly 200 OK
Tiger 560 USB IP phone2.0 beta 4OK
Totalfon102 Gateway 2 FXS ports2.2.1OK
TrueConf Server FREE v4.3.9.106914.9OK
UOL IP8008 V1.052.0.3OK
VCON Cruiser 150 and 3841.0 pre 8OK
VCON Escort 25PRO1.0 pre 8OK
VCON Vigo Professional2.0.5OK
VCON vPoint 5.1 Service Pack 12.0.5OK
VCON vPoint HD
VCON vPoint HD, incl. H.460.18
Vegastream Vega50 BRI gateway2.0.2OK
Veraz softswitch2.2.4OK
Vida iPhone E002.0.8OK
Vidyo Gateway
Vierling Ecotel Voip2.2.2OK
VIG IPPhone / PSTN-IP Gateway2.0OK
Vive ipphone iAloha! USB2.0OK
ViVophone 3.2 Build: 2002/7/252.0.2OK
VocaBox IPGW-3002.2.1OK
VocalTec VG20002.0.3OK, configured as endpoint
Vocord iX-012.0.2OK, gateway and station
Voicetronix OpenLine42.0.5OK, using OpenH323 PSTNGW as gateway
VoIPLab IVR2.2.5OK
Web i-Phone WSP-2012.0.1OK
WebBriefing 1.0.0 beta 20.18 pre 2OK
Welltech Callmanager2.0.2OK
Welltech FXS-022.0.2OK
Welltech LANPhone 1012.0.6OK
Welltech Wellgate 35022.2.1OK
Welltech Wellgate 37022.0.0OK
Welltech Wellgate 3802 FXO2.0.8OK, "flash -clean" when you change from p2p to Gkmode
Welltech Wellgate 3804 FXO2.2.1OK
Welltech Wellgate 5200 T1/E1 Digital GW2.0OK, with or without prefixes
Welltech WellSC 5900 v6.
WuChuan HOP 1001/1002/1003 IP Phone2.2.1OK
Yate, as gateway
Yate Client
Yealink VC 1104.5OK
Yealink VC 4004.5OK
Yealink VC Desktop
Yealink VC Desktop
Yealink VC Mobile (Android and iOS)4.1OK
Yealink VCM (Android)4.5OK (H.323 settings are under "SIP")
Yealink VCM (Android)4.9OK
Yoda VG 100TA2.0.8OK
Yoda VG 100R / 200R / 400 / 400R2.0.8OK
Yoda VP 1102.0.8OK
Yuxin IP Phone YWH1002.0.8OK, must have firmware >= 1.27

Last updated: 22. Jun 2018