GNU Gatekeeper Development

If you want to join the project, please join the mailinglist. Let me know, if you are looking for things that need to be done!

Based on the latest user survey, there is a list of ideas for new GnuGk features.


The very latest source code is in the GnuGk git repository.

Compiling the Source Code

Please see the notes on how to compile the Gatekeeper.

Usage of Trace Levels

When you add new features, please adhere to our guidelines for the usage of trace levels.

Identifiers for Extensions

The GnuGk project has been assigned the following codes to be used to identify proprietary extensions in H.323 protocol messages and MIB objects:


T.35: 138.2 - the organization (registered in Poland)

Currently, the project uses the following identifiers:

(T.35) 255.4242.255 - for identifying RAS messages forwarded to alternate GKs
(T.35) 138.2.1 - for sending neighbor ID inside LRQ/LCF nonStandardData field
(T.35) 138.2.2 - for NAT detection based on nonStandardData field inside RRQ/RCF
(T.35) 138.2.3 - non-standard H.245 UserInput indication, used as H.245 keep alive
(OIDs)* - GnuGk MIB (old SNMP agent)
(OIDs)* - GnuGk MIB (build-in SNMP agent)
(OIDs)* - GnuGk SNMP testing

Last updated: 10. Oct 2017