GNU Gatekeeper Success Stories

Who is using GnuGk and what projects are they doing ?

Here are just a few organizations that have successfully deployed the GNU Gatekeeper.

There are also a number of commercial applications that include the GNU Gatekeeper.

CERN, Switzerland

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research (and the birthplace of the World Wide Web) and conducts large scale particle research, most prominently the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) Experiment. CERN is using the GNU Gatekeeper since 2007 to provide gatekeeper services to all its managed endpoints, as well as some external endpoints and neighbors with many external gatekeepers at other research networks and the GDS. They have installed one primary GNU Gatekeeper with 3 backup server to handle an average of 2500 meetings per month.

"The GNU Gatekeeper is one of the best OpenSource efforts that I have seen (believe me I have seen a lot) and it is very stable." says Joao Fernandes, Global Videoconferencing Services Manager at CERN.


Austrian Court System

The Austrian justice system ("Österreichische Justiz") uses the GNU Gatekeeper to manage 196 videconferencing units installed in courts all over Austria. Videoconferencing can be used to question witnesses and defendants in locations close to their home. This speeds up trials and reduces travel costs. 93% of all judges at first instance courts ("erstinstanzlich") have videoconferencing available to them.

Austrian Justice System

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

The Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. Through videoconferencing units connected to GNU Gatekeeper, Charité physicians and reseachers can easily communicate with universities and researching teams around the world. The Charité is part of the DFN (German national research network) video conferencing network.

"GNU Gatekeeper grants perfect integration in the Global Dialing Scheme (GDS). Videoconferences can thus easily be held to and from our H.323 hardware endpoints with German or international partners worldwide. GNU Gatekeeper safely relays all calls and acts perfectly as an application proxy, allowing us to establish reliable and safe video conferencing." (Martin Vogt)

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Max Planck Society, Institute for Plasmaphysics, Germany

The GNU Gatekeeper is used to provide H.323 gatekeeper services for video conferencing to scientists involved in fusion research all over the world (Japan, Europe, America, ...). GnuGk runs in proxy mode and services about 400 registered endpoints. It connects to the Global Dialing Scheme (GDS).

Max Planck Society Computing Facility

Princeton Theological Seminary, USA

Princeton Theological Seminary uses the GNU Gatekeeper to manage it's Cisco videoconferencing equipment on campus.

Bill French says "We purchased some rather expensive Cisco MCU and PRI Gateway equipment from a vendor to eliminate several ISDN circuits and improve service. When the vendor came to install and configure the equipment, they realized the setup would require a separate gatekeeper. The choices from the vendor were purchasing a Cisco router to act as the gatekeeper, or let them install the gatekeeper functionality on our core routers. We were already over budget, and I was not interested in letting this vendor touch our core routers, so I had to find an alternative. The GNU Gatekeeper was perfect, and had added functionality to handle our NAT environment. Considering I knew almost nothing about H.323 and had to get everything running in 2 days, I contracted with Jan to dedicate some time to helping us out -- and it worked!"

Princeton Theological Seminary

Hungarian National Research and Education Network

The Hungarian National Research and Education Network (NIIF/HUNGARNET) uses GnuGk to provide gatekeeper services in its H.323 based videoconferencing service, connecting 50 fixed professional videoconferencing endpoints and a high capacity MCU for multipoint conferences.

HUNGARNET runs three different GnuGk gatekeepers to implement the national research and higher education video network dialing scheme and to connect to international H.323 networks. A fully free gatekeeper service is also based on GnuGk, which allows any user from any part of the world to use Hungarnet's video services with any type of H.323 software/hardware endpoints.

NIIF videoconferencing project
Infrastructure diagram

Telefonica Germany

Telefonica does international VoIP interconnections with currently (2003) 3 GnuGk installations. They are using GnuGk since a number of years and have been heavily involved in the early development.

Telefonica Germany (German), Norway is a video conferencing management platform, that aims at making conferencing as easy as possible for the user. uses a number of GNU Gatekeepers for its infrastructure and connects to video conferencing equipment from most major vendors, including Polycom, Tandberg, LifeSize and Sony.

SetFocus, USA

SetFocus is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for Learning Solutions. They provide in-depth training classes, known as The Master's Program, in .NET, SharePoint, SQL Server and MS Business Intelligence technologies where students travel to their training facilities.

The GRID® (Global Remote Instructional Delivery) is SetFocus' solution to on-line training to let students take part in those same classes without traveling using video conference equipment they get shipped. SetFocus uses GnuGk as its primary gatekeeper to serve 2 Polycom MGC+50 with over 150 registered endpoints. On regular class days there are over 100 H.323 video calls active at the same time.

VQ Communications Ltd, United Kingdom

VQ Communications provides a range of video conferencing services and solutions to corporate users in the UK, US, Far East and Australia using a mix of SIP and H.323. They have been using GnuGk for several years and found GnuGk 2.2.8 to be reliable to connect to a wide range of H.323 systems (Codian MCUs and ISDN gateways, LifeSize HD systems, Tandberg systems, Paradial firewall traversal, RADVision MCUs and the VQ desktop client that incorporates France Telecom's econf client).

"We see GnuGk as a key component in our H.323 infrastructure; we like its robustness, interoperability and the value added functionality we can exploit to create intelligent video conferencing systems and solutions. Our customers are driving us for more control of the video conferencing experience; we are able to integrate GnuGk with the VQ Conferencing Manager Software platform and deliver solutions that meet these requirements." says Mike Horsley, CTO.

VQ Communications

Pannon Telecom, USA

Pannon Telecom Inc. provides long distance calling services to its thousands of customers in the USA. Pannon Telecom uses GnuGk since 2004 to handle over 400 concurrent voice calls at peak times on a single server.

"We are really pleased with GnuGk. We used GnuGk support to overcome some configuration challenges we faced, but under the many versions we have used over the years, we only experienced minor issues (like some incompatibility with very strictly configured Telco gatekeepers). Luckily all problems were fixed promptly using the support provided by Jan Willamowius. He even added new configuration options to make it work." says Gabor, Network Engineer at Pannon Telecom.

Telesuite, Greece

Telesuite is a provider of communication solutions and services in Greece. They are addressing consumer, business and wholesale markets. Their principal activities include networked IT services, local, national and international telecommunications services.

Telesuite uses GnuGk as a H.323 Session Boarder Controller offering Pre and Post-Paid VoIP services, including a free conference service. They currently utilize 4 GnuGk installations, all in a Frankfurt, Germany collocation Datacenter.

"Thanks to these OpenSource installations we are able to offer great services and solve problems and issues that were originally experienced with commercial vendors." says Sakellarios Dimitris, President of Telesuite.

Telesuite (Greek)

TT Mobile, Tajikistan

TT Mobile in Tajikistan uses GnuGk exclusively to originate and terminate VOIP calls. Currently TT Mobile handles a million minutes per month and expects to double the volume soon. Kirill Belyaev, chief technology officer for the Mobile VoIP division, says "It saved us hundreds thousands of dollars for a proprietary softswitch solutions."

Indonesian VOIP Merdeka / Maverick project

In a bottom-up project a group in Indonesia has deployed over 150 GnuGk installations (2003) nationwide to provide VOIP services.

Cern Courier article

Washington K-20 Video Network, USA

Washington's K-20 network is a high-speed network that links K-12 schools, colleges, and universities across 476 locations in Washington. The GNU Gatekeeper is used to manage video conferencing.

Washington K-20 Video Network

Last updated: 04. May 2017