Using the GNU Gatekeeper with LifeSize Endpoints

The GNU Gatekeeper works well with most H.323 products from LifeSize. See below for a list of tested devices.

Additive Registrations

Recent versions of LifeSize endpoints require the use of additive registrations. Make sure you use a recent GnuGk version if you have an issue with this (3.4 and later).

LifeSize Compatibility

Here is a list of LifeSize products people have tested with GnuGk. Please submit your test results!

ProductGnuGk VersionTesterComment
Lifesize OK
Lifesize Express OK
Lifesize Express OK
Lifesize ICON 6003.5pierlu@gmail.comOK
Lifesize Networker 2.5.0 (10)2.2.7carlo.michelotti@tiscali.itOK
Lifesize Passport3.4welabbar@elshaden.comOK
Lifesize Room
Lifesize Room 200, incl. H.460.18
Lifesize Team 220
Lifesize Softphone

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