Configuring GnuGk for use with a Siemens HiPath

You have to configure the HG1500 to register as an endpoint to GnuGk. Also, change the CallSignalPort in GnuGk from 1721 to 1720.

In GnuGk, describe the IP of the Siemens as an endpoint/terminal.

You can't set the H.323 ID of HG1500 (at least in their version 2), therefore run a debug on GnuGk to see under which H.323ID the registration from Siemens comes and use that name in your GnuGk configuration.

Another unpleasant detail is that you are not able to set the registration TTL on Siemens and it will re-register on every minute.

With this setup you can only call INTO Siemens HiPath from GnuGk. At that time of the test (maybe Siemens changed that) it was not possible to configure a trunk in the HG1500, that points to the gatekeeper.

From GnuGk you can configure a "route" to send all calls (4XXX) to the PBX, but you can NOT configure the HG1500 module to send all calls starting with 0 (or any other prefix) to the gatekeeper.

Last updated: 03. May 2011