Using Netmeeting with a H.323 Gatekeeper

Getting Netmeeting

The last version Microsoft published is Netmeeting 3.01 Service Pack 2.

Configuring Netmeeting for a H.323 gatekeeper

  • Click on Options in the Tools menu. The General tab has a button for Advanced Calling. Click on that.

  • Enter the IP number of your gatekeeper in the Gatekeeper field.

  • Enter the username others should call you by in the account name field. H.323 calls this the H.323 alias.

  • Enter a phone number in the third field. H.323 calls this the E.164 number.

  • Click OK.

    That's it!

    Running Netmeeting on the same Machine with the GNU Gatekeeper

    Netmeeting isn't very cooperative, but you can run it on the same Windows machine with GnuGk when you use the following settings:

  • Make sure the gatekeeper listens to at least 2 IP numbers (one public and localhost): In [Gatekeeper::Main] don't use the Home= setting to restrict GnuGk to a single IP number.

  • Have Netmeeting connect to the gatekeeper via localhost (

  • Treat the local Netmeeting like a NATed endpoint because it will use as it's own signal port by setting SupportNATedEndpoints=1 in the [RoutedMode] section of your GnuGk ini file.

  • Make sure CallSignalPort= is not set to 1720 in the [RoutedMode] section.

    Known Netmeeting Problems

  • Netmeeting doesn't support gatekeeper discovery. It will only find the gatekeeper when it is properly configured in the Advanced Calling Options.

  • The bandwidth requested by Netmeeting is incorrect. If you don't need bandwidth management, you should leave it disable to avoid problems.

    More Netmeeting Information

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  • Last updated: 04. May 2017