Using Asterisk as H.323 / SIP gateway for GnuGk

I was using the SIP channel from Asterisk and the asterisk-ooh323c channel (chan_ooh323) version 0.8.1 in my tests.

  • let ooh323c register as a gateway
  • ooh323c can't register gateway prefixes, you should assign them in GnuGk's config
  • ooh323c doesn't unregister properly from GnuGk when Asterisk is shut down. You should use a low TimeToLive for registrations in your GnuGk config to avoid sending calls to a non-existent gateway.
  • this channel only supports audio streams

Update 2014-1-14: It seems all of the above is still true for Asterisk 11.2.x, except that the chan_ooh323 config file is now called ooh323.conf. Still no support for video.

Alternatively you can use the Nufone H.323 channel (chan_h323) included with Asterisk. Please contact me if you need help compiling it with current H323Plus / PTLib versions. Its a bit tricky.

Last updated: 28. Jan 2015
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