Managing Polycom MCUs and Endpoints with GnuGk

The GNU Gatekeeper works very well with most H.323 products from Polycom. See below for a list of tested devices.

Usually you won't need any spcific config settings, except for one issue with some MGC devices where you need to set a switch as noted below.

Special issue with MGC firmware 7.5.2 and later

Starting with ver 7.5.2 and later, the MGC sends an additional terminalAlias called of type dialedDigits containing the gateway prefix. In GnuGk, the first IP board to register with the prefix registers successfully. However, the second IP board to register with the prefix is rejected due to duplicateAlias.

To solve this, use a filter in your GnuGk config by endpoint type:


This will filter the aliases to only register the alias types specified (separated by ','). If an alias type as specified in the filter is not present in the RRQ then it will just registers as per normal with whatever aliases are provided. In this way you can filter out the duplicate alias item.

When you add these filters without restarting your gatekeeper, make sure you unregister your endpoints before you reload your configuration.

Polycom Compatibility

Here is a list of Polycom products others have tested with GnuGk.

ProductGnuGk VersionComment
Polycom 5121.0OK
Polycom CMA 5000 4.01.04.ER0112.3.0OK, as neighbor
Polycom CMA Desktop Client v4.1.1.10102.3.0OK
Polycom HDX 4000 Release
Polycom HDX 60003.3OK
Polycom HDX 7000 HD/Release
Polycom HDX 8000 Release
Polycom HDX90022.2.6OK
Polycom HDX 9004, incl. H.460.18
Polycom m100, use GnuGk 2.3.6 to avoid crashing m100 when called
Polycom m100, incl. H.460.18
Polycom m100, incl. H.460.18
Polycom MGC+50, use "AcceptMCUPrefixes=1"
Polycom MGC+50
Polycom MGC-100 Release, use "Register as Gateway"
Polycom MGC 100 Ver.
Polycom MGC 100 Ver., must use GnuGk >= 2.2.7
Polycom HDX 9004 HD3.0OK, must use firmware >= 3.0.3 for IPv6
Polycom PVX
Polycom PVX
Polycom PVX
Polycom PVX
Polycom QDX 60002.3.2OK
Polycom RealPresence Desktop 2.13.2OK
Polycom RealPresence Desktop
Polycom RealPresence Debut OK
Polycom RealPresence Group 3004.1OK
Polycom RealPresence Group 5004.1OK
Polycom RealPresence Group 700 OK
Polycom RealPresence Mobile 3.1 (Android)3.5OK
Polycom RMX 200 v4.02.3.0OK
Polycom RMX 1500 FW
Polycom RMX 20002.3.3OK
Polycom RSS 4000 OK
Polycom V700
Polycom VBP 5300
Polycom ViaVideo
Polycom Viewstation 5002.3.0OK, incl. H.460.18
Polycom Viewstation EX
Polycom Viewstation SP
Polycom VSX 70002.0.8OK
Polycom VVX 6004.5OK

See the full list of tested H.323 products.

Last updated: 22. May 2018