Using the GNU Gatekeeper with Cisco / Tandberg Endpoints, Gatekeepers or VCS

Alias Matching

Cisco / Tandberg gatekeepers or VCS ignore the case and exact type of endpoint aliases when they are looking for a call destination. They would regard alias "Jan" to be the same as alias "jan". To get the same behavior from GnuGk, you can set these options:


URL Dialing (Annex O Dialing)

Older versions of the GNU Gatekeeper didn't fully comply with H.323 Annex O when dialing destinations of the form This is fixed in GnuGk 2.3.2. Make sure you enable the 'srv' routing policy in GnuGk's configuration.

Tandberg Compatibility

Here is a list of Tandberg products people have tested with GnuGk.

ProductGnuGk VersionComment
Tandberg Codian MCU2.0.5OK
Tandberg Codian IP VCR2.2.3-2OK
Tandberg Edge 85 MXP / F8.12.3.1OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg ISDN Gateway2.2.1OK
Tandberg 150 MXP2.0.8OK
Tandberg 5002.0OK
Tandberg 770 MXP / F4.12.0.8OK
Tandberg 880 / E5.22.0.8OK
Tandberg 990 MXP2.2.3OK
Tandberg 990 MXP2.3.2OK
Tandberg 10002.0OK
Tandberg 1000 classic2.3.0OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg 1000 Wireless B7.12.0.5OK
Tandberg 2500 / B4.3 PAL2.0.4OK
Tandberg 3000 MXP2.2.8OK
Tandberg 6000 MXP / F4.12.0.8OK
Tandberg C203.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg C603.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg C90 Release TC1.2.0.184520Beta22.3.1OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg Edge 75 MXP / F9.3.43.6OK
Tandberg Edge 85 MXP4.1OK
Tandberg Edge 95 MXP / F8.13.4OK
Tandberg EX903.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg MXP 17003.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg T1503.0OK, incl. IPv6
Tandberg T150 MXP Edge4.1OK
Tandberg VCS, as neighbor

See the full list of tested H.323 products.

Last updated: 22. May 2018