Using the GNU Gatekeeper with Cisco / Tandberg Endpoints, Gatekeepers or VCS

Alias Matching

Cisco / Tandberg gatekeepers or VCS ignore the case and exact type of endpoint aliases when they are looking for a call destination. They would regard alias "Jan" to be the same as alias "jan". To get the same behavior from GnuGk, you can set these options:


URL Dialing (Annex O Dialing)

Older versions of the GNU Gatekeeper didn't fully comply with H.323 Annex O when dialing destinations of the form This is fixed in GnuGk 2.3.2. Make sure you enable the 'srv' routing policy in GnuGk's configuration.

Tandberg Compatibility

Here is a list of Tandberg products people have tested with GnuGk. Please submit your test results!

ProductGnuGk VersionTesterComment
Tandberg ISDN Gateway2.2.1sean.obrien@heanet.ieOK
Tandberg Edge 85 MXP / F8.12.3.1 OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg 150 MXP2.0.8love.jordan@cbsc.ic.gc.caOK
Tandberg 5002.0k.stoeckigt@rzg.mpg.deOK
Tandberg 770 MXP / F4.12.0.8love.jordan@cbsc.ic.gc.caOK
Tandberg 880 / E5.22.0.8love.jordan@cbsc.ic.gc.caOK
Tandberg 990 MXP2.2.3joerg.fruecht@dresdnerkleinwort.comOK
Tandberg 990 MXP2.3.2ssmit@idafoundation.orgOK
Tandberg 10002.0koen.peeters@want2cu.netOK
Tandberg 1000 classic2.3.0 OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg 1000 Wireless B7.12.0.5kaenel@switch.chOK
Tandberg 2500 / B4.3 PAL2.0.4vladimir.lavrov@desy.deOK
Tandberg 3000 MXP2.2.8 OK
Tandberg 6000 MXP / F4.12.0.8love.jordan@cbsc.ic.gc.caOK
Tandberg C90 Release TC1.2.0.184520Beta22.3.1 OK, incl. H.460.18
Tandberg VCS OK, as neighbor

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