check_h323 - A Nagios plugin to monitor H.323 devices

A simple way to monitor H.323 devices is to use a generic UDP or TCP check if they listen eg. on Port 1719 or 1720 or to use SNMP. I prefer to send a real H.323 message and verify that a well formed message comes back to see if the device is really alive.

check_h323 is a C++ program that can monitor H.323 gatekeepers and gateways. It doesn't have to be a GNU Gatekeeper, it can be any H.323 device that responds to GRQ or LRQ messages.

The plugin also works with Icinga and Icinga 2.

To compile use H323Plus and PTLib and say "make optnoshared". I use H323Plus 1.26.5 and PTLib 2.10.9

License: GPL


check_h323 [-l|-g] [-p port] host

hosthost to monitor
-p portRAS UDP port (default 1719)
-gsend GRQ
-lsend LRQ


define command{
        command_name    check_ras
        command_line    $USER1$/check_h323 -g $HOSTADDRESS$


Source Code (tar) Download
Source Code (zip) Download
Linux 32-bit executable Download

Last updated: 04. May 2017
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