check_h323 - A plugin to monitor H.323 devices for Nagios, Icinga or Docker

A simple way to monitor H.323 devices is to use a generic UDP or TCP check if they listen eg. on Port 1719 or 1720 or to use SNMP. I prefer to send a real H.323 message and verify that a well formed message comes back to see if the device is really alive.

check_h323 is a C++ program that can monitor H.323 gatekeepers and gateways. It doesn't have to be a GNU Gatekeeper, it can be any H.323 device that responds to GRQ or LRQ messages.

The plugin works with Nagios, Icinga, Icinga 2 or Docker.

You find the git repository at

To compile use H323Plus and PTLib and say "make optnoshared". I use H323Plus 1.26.5 and PTLib 2.10.9

License: GPL


check_h323 [-l|-g] [-p port] host

hosthost to monitor
-p portRAS UDP port (default 1719)
-gsend GRQ
-lsend LRQ

Nagios Example

define command{
        command_name    check_h323
        command_line    $USER1$/check_h323 -g $HOSTADDRESS$

Docker Example

To use check_h323 as health check, add this to your dockerfile:

HEALTHCHECK CMD /usr/local/bin/check_h323


Source Code (tar) Download
Source Code (zip) Download

Last updated: 16. Jan 2018