Commercial Applications that bundle the GNU Gatekeeper

It is fine for commercial applications to include GnuGk, as longs as they comply with the GPL. Namely the user has to be made aware that he is getting the GNU Gatekeeper and that he is entitled to get the source code including possible modifications.

If you know about more applications that include GnuGk, please let me know.


The VidyoGateway uses a modified GNU Gatekeeper internally to handle neighboring, routing etc.

VidyoGateway patch


The Barracuda NG Firewall contains a GNU Gatekeeper for H.323 proxying.


The VCS Gatekeeper included in the Elluminate VCS is a modified GNU Gatekeeper (same as VidSoft Server).

Elluminate patches


The Vidsoft Server includes a modified GNU Gatekeeper.

Vidsoft patches


The Avistar H.323 DID Manager is a modified GNU Gatekeeper.

Avistar patches

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