GNU Gatekeeper User Survey 2018

Please let us know what you think about the GNU Gatekeeper.
Thanks for your time!

1.) Are you currently using the GNU Gatekeeper ?

Yes, in production
Yes, experimental

2.) Since when are you using GnuGk ?


3.) Where did you have the the most problems ?

No problems
Configuration (Authentication)
Configuration (Accounting)
Configuration (Call routing)
Configuration (Firewall/NAT)

4.) Which tools do you use to manage GnuGk ?

Please check all that apply:

GnuGk web interface
A SNMP management console
Our own custom tools

5.) Which new features are important to you ?

Please check all that apply:

Better cloud support (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.)
Use less ports (eg. H.245 multilexing, RTP multiplexing)
Bandwidth management (including unregistered calls)
Better Docker support
The config file should be splitable into multiple files (eg. with include statements)
Detect network changes automatically at runtime
Better protection against spam calls
Easier configuration of password authentication
Improve web interface
Compatibility fixes with certain endpoints / MCUs
Ability to haandle more calls per server


6.) Do you have ideas for new features or improvements ?

7.) Are you using GnuGk for audo or video calls ?


8.) How do you follow recent GnuGk developments ?

Please check all that apply:

subscribed to mailinglist
follow on Twitter
look at project homepage every now and then

9.) What would help you in your daily work ? Final comments ?

Email address to contact you (optional)


Often it is very helpful if we can ask followup questions or answer an issue that you mention. We will not share your email with anyone and store it only to be able to contact you. Please see our privacy policy.

Thanks for your participation!

Last updated: 31. May 2018