GNU Gatekeeper User Survey 2017 (12 easy questions)

Please let us know what you think about the GNU Gatekeeper.
Thanks for your time!

1.) Are you currently using the GNU Gatekeeper ?

Yes, in production
Yes, experimental

2.) Do you install all GnuGk updates ?

Yes, I install all updates
I skip some updates
No, I usually don't install updates
Why ?

3.) How many times a year should GnuGk be updated ?

Once a year
Two times a year
More often, I prefer small updates

4.) Where did you have the the most problems ?

No problems
Configuration (Authentication)
Configuration (Accounting)
Configuration (Routing)
Configuration (Firewall/NAT)

5.) Have you tried GnuGk's scripting capabilities ?

Please check all that apply:

I tried the LUA scripting
We need more powerful scripting functions
It should be more flexible
It should be easier
We need a scripting language other than LUA
I prefer the staus port interface
Programming is not for me
I haven't looked at scripting, yet

6.) Which tools do you use to manage GnuGk ?

Please check all that apply:

GnuGk web interface
A SNMP management console
Our own custom tools

7.) Which new features does GnuGk need ?

Please check all that apply:

None, its perfect as is
Bandwidth management (including unregistered calls)
The config file should be splitable into multiple files (eg. with include statements)
Detect network changes automatically at runtime
Better protection against spam calls
Easier configuration of password authentication
Compatibility fixes with certain endpoints / MCUs

8.) What should be the long term development focus ?

Please check all that apply:

Stability (only change whats absolutely broken)
Ease of use (ok to change current features if GnuGk becomes easier to handle overall)
NAT traversal
New features
Call density (more calls per server)
Lower server requirements

9.) How should we deal with WebRTC ?

Ignore it
Too early to decide
Important technology, but let others deal with it
Lets build a WebRTC client for GnuGk


10.) Which other H.323 tools do you need ?

Please check all that apply:

Audio IVR
Video IVR
Management tools
Call recording
Debugging tools

11.) How do you follow recent GnuGk developments ?

Please check all that apply:

subscribed to mailinglist
follow on Twitter
look at project homepage every now and then
drink beer with Jan

12.) What is missing or should be changed ? Final comments ?

Email address to contact you (optional)


Thanks for your participation!

Last updated: 10. Oct 2017