Ideas for new features

This list is a list of requested features from the user surveys. It is meant as food for thought which features to add to GnuGk in the future.
Please contact me, if you want to help implement or sponsor one of these items or have other ideas to add to this list.

  • include LUA scripting language (started in 3.3, experimental)
  • allow IP re-configuration at runtime
  • fix H.235.1 Procedure I interop issues
  • support H.235.2 certificate based authentication and message integrity
  • support GnuTLS and LibreSSL as OpenSSL replacements
  • H.460.17 client support (would enable RAS encryption)
  • a better GUI (maybe in ASP.Net or PHP)
  • better bandwidth management: group endpoints, extend to unregistered endpoints
  • set multiple failover routes via virtual queue
  • set proxy mode via virtual queue
  • plugins to access number portability databases

If you want to help implement or sponsor a feature, please contact me.

Last updated: 01. Jun 2014
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