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The current stable version is 4.2.

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Latest Release

GNU Gatekeeper Version 4.2
31. May 2016
SizeUnix tar archiveWindows ZIP file
Source Code1.4 MB Download Download
PDF Manual (English)375 KB Download Download
Linux 64 bit Executable
(with TLS, SSH, LDAP, MySQL, Postgresql, ODBC, SQLite, Firebird and H.460.17/.18/.19 support)
3.7 MB Download  

The Linux executable is compiled on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. It will run on many distributions, but unfortunately not on all.

Please see the compiling instructions to produce an executable for your system.

If you have trouble compiling the source code for your operating system, you can order executables for a small fee (Linux, Windows, MacOS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris).


English Manual (4.2)375 KB Download
Spanish Manual (last updated for GnuGk 2.2.5)450 KB Download
French Manual (last updated for GnuGk 2.2.1)400 KB Download
Chinese Manual (last updated for GnuGk 2.0.7)13 MB Download
Portuguese Manual (last updated for GnuGk 2.0.6)3 MB Download


ToolsSizeUnix tar archiveWindows ZIP archive
Nagios / Icinga H.323 plugin (source code)
(see details)
3 KB Download Download
Nagios / Icinga H.323 plugin (Linux 32bit executable)
(see details)
1.2 MB Download  
Time based access control for GnuGk (web application)
(see details)
17 KB Download Download
GnuGk ACD 1.4 (Java source)
(see details)
30 KB Download Download
GnuGk ACD 1.4 (Java executable)
(see details)
40 KB Download Download
Linux H.323 ISDN gateway 0.3.5 (source code)
(see details)
35 KB Download  
Linux H.323 ISDN gateway 0.3.5 (executable)
(see details)
1.9 MB Download  

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