Links to H.323 Endpoints / Client Software

H323Plus endpoints (Simple, MyPhone and OpenAM)

Ekiga (previously named GnomeMeeting, for Windows and Linux)

Yate Client (multi-protocol, but audio-only, für Windows and Linux)

sipcmd (command line SIP/H.323/RTP softphone)

XMeeting (Mac H.323 endpoint)

SJPhone (Windows softphone, free, but no source code and audio-only)

CPhone (Cross platform, GUI H.323 Video Phone client based on QT - outdated)

Free mobile H.323 endpoints (non OpenSource)

Polycom RealPresence Mobile (iOS and Android) (skip the login for the RealPresence server and set a gatekeeper in the H.323 settings)

Sony IPELA Communications Mobile (iOS and Android) (don't be scared away by the Japanese description in the Play Store, the app works in English)

Radvision BeeHD (iOS)

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