OpenSource H.323 Endpoints

H323Plus endpoints (Simple, MyPhone and OpenAM)

Ekiga (previously named GnomeMeeting, for Windows and Linux)

Yate Client (multi-protocol, but audio-only, für Windows and Linux)

sipcmd (command line SIP/H.323/RTP softphone)

XMeeting (Mac H.323 endpoint)

SJPhone (Windows softphone, free, but no source code and audio-only)

CPhone (Cross platform, GUI H.323 Video Phone client based on QT - outdated)

Free mobile H.323 endpoints (non-OpenSource)

Polycom RealPresence Mobile (iOS and Android) (skip the login for the RealPresence server and set a gatekeeper in the H.323 settings)

Yealink VC Mobile (Android)

Sony IPELA Communications Mobile (iOS and Android) (registers with GnuGk, but hangs up as soon as a call is established)

Radvision BeeHD (iOS)

Last updated: 23. Sep 2016
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