Compiling the GNU Gatekeeper

I would suggest you use version 2.10.9 of PTLib and the latest H323Plus to compile GnuGk. Only on operating systems where 2.10.9 doesn't work properly (eg. BSD), you should use the PTLib 2.11.0 from SVN (not 2.11.1 or newer!).

On most Unix distributions you should install the 'openssl-devel' package to have OpenSSL libraries and headers available. For Windows, install Win32 OpenSSL (not the 'Light' version) and add the lib and include path to your Visual Studio settings.

To include ssh support for the status port, you need libssh, at least version 0.5.0.


Configure and compile PTLib and H323Plus first.

GnuGk can be configured with "./configure" on Unix. Please type "./configure --help" for details.

Type "make debug", "make opt" or "make optnoshared" to compile (use the same command you used with PTLib and h323Plus). Then copy the resulting executable to a bin/ directory.

GCC 3.x to 4.9.x work fine for compiling GnuGk. (GCC 2.95.x is too old.) clang++ 3.0 to 3.6 also works but produces a large number of (harmless) warnings.

There is an example how to compile GnuGk from CVS on Ubuntu.


On Windows just build the included Visual Studio project file. Visual Studio 2010, 2008, 2005 and .NET should all work; using the Express versions is enough to compile GnuGk. I'm using Visual Studio 2008 Express. Visual C++ 6.0 and 5.0 are no longer supported. Make sure you have compiled PTLib and H323Plus prior to GnuGk.

When you build the project, the auto-config (./configure) feature will automatically detect the database libraries installed on your system and configure the appropriate drivers.

"Known Good" Library Combinations

The GNU Gatekeeper depends on the H323Plus library along with the underlying PTLib and some other libraries. Some combinations produce strange results, so here are a few notes about known issues and known good combinations.

3.9H323Plus 1.26.5PTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.6.3
3.8H323Plus 1.26.5PTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.6.3
3.7H323Plus 1.26.5PTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.6.3
3.6H323Plus 1.26.5PTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.6.3
3.5H323Plus 1.26.0PTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.5.5
3.4H323Plus 1.25.3 from CVSPTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.5.5
3.3H323Plus 1.25.0PTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.5.4
3.3H323Plus 1.25.1 from CVSPTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.5.4
3.2H323Plus 1.25.0PTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.5.2
3.2H323Plus 1.25.1 from CVSPTLib 2.10.9libssh 0.5.2
3.1H323Plus 1.24.1 from CVSPTLib 2.10.7libssh 0.5.2
3.0H323Plus 1.24.0PTLib 2.10.1 (with PDNS patch)libssh 0.5.2
3.0H323Plus 1.24.0PTLib 2.11.1 SVNon BSD
2.3.5H323Plus 1.23.0PTLib 2.10.1libssh 0.5.1
2.3.4H323Plus 1.22.0PTLib 2.8.4 
2.3.3H323Plus CVS as of 2010-10-27PTLib 2.8.2 
2.3.2H323Plus CVS as of 2010-05-25PTLib 2.8.1 
2.3.1H323Plus CVS as of 2009-11-16PTLib SVN as of 2009-11-16 
2.3.1H323Plus note on MD5 tokens


Please submit more notes.

OSGnuGk VersionH323Plus / PTLibNote
All3.xPTLib 2.10.xuse --enable-ipv6 --disable-odbc
All3.1H323Plus 1.24.0use --disable-h235 --disable-h460p
BSD3.xPTLib 2.10.xIPv6 support for BSD is buggy in PTLib 2.10.x, use PTLib 2.11.0 from 2012-02-20, don't use PTLib 2.11.1 or higher
All3.0H323Plus 1.23.1 / 1.24.0use --disable-h235
AllAllPTLib 2.11.0PTLib must be compiled with --disable-deprecated and --disable-trace-instance (this is still not a recommended library to use with GnuGk!)
AllAllPTLib 2.10.2 - 2.10.5these PTLib versions cause a crash on GnuGk shutdown while deleting internal PTLib objects, use 2.10.1 or 2.10.7 and higher
LinuxAllPTLib 2.8.3ignore compile error with 'make optnoshared', its irelevant for GnuGk and already fixed for the following versions
MacOS XAllPTLib 2.6.x - 2.8.xdon't work on MacOS X, executables crash on startup, fixed in 2.11.0
BSDAllPTLib 2.7.x - 2.8.xdon't work on FreeBSD and NetBSD, executables crash on startup, PTLib 2.10.1 works
AllAllPTLib 2.2.x - 2.6.7won't produce compatible MD5 hashes in crypto tokens, fixed in the combination of H323Plus 1.22 and PTLib 2.7.1
AllAllPTLib 2.3.x - 2.5.2will cause GnuGk to hang on startup - bug in PIPSocket::GetRouteTable(), fixed in 2.4.5
All2.2.7H323Plus/PTLib 2.0.1gives compile warning "Can't detect PWLib/PTLib version", which can be ignored for this version of PTLib, or use OpenH323 Atlas
UnixAllOpenH323 Atlas (1.18.0)gives a few compile warnings with gcc 4.2.x that can be ignored, use patch provides in /docs/pwlib_bugs.txt
AllAllAlldo not configure PWLib with --enable-openh323; GnuGk needs some features not used by OpenH323

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