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OpenH323 Gatekeeper Interoperability

Here is a list of H.323 products that have been tested. The tests most certainly didn't cover all features of those products, but at least simple calls were possible.

Please submit your test results!

Products A - C | Products D - J | Products K - R | Products S - Z

ProductGnuGk VersionTesterComment
Aastra OpenCom 10102.3.5jan@willamowius.deOK
Accel Elite 2002.0.5alexandru.coseru@distinctgroup.netOK, as endpoint and gateway
Accel Elite 800 /
ACCORD MGC-100 MCU / sw version 2.231.0 pre 8asterx@netposta.netOK
ACME NET-NET SD (v4)2.2.4msuhail@msn.comOK, as Routed Signaling Gatekeeper
Acmepacket SBC
ACT Sagitta IP Phone1.0cwhuang@linux.org.twOK, use firmware >=2.09
AddPac VoiceFinder AP-200 / 6.0672.0.5rrisco@millicom.net.peOK, supports CAT for RadAuth module
AddPac VoiceFinder AP-200B/D2.0.6cavagnaro@wirelessperu.comOK
AddPac VoiceFinder AP-200E/AP10022.0.7rauleli@wizardteam.comOK
AddPac AP-11002.0.6rich@skj-sakai.co.jpOK
Aethra MaiaXC
Aethra Vega Star Silver 6.0.492.3.1mike@bridgeconference.co.zaOK
Aethra Vega X3
AG-168 one port gateway2.0.5petersun@atcom.com.cnOK
AGP Telecom GD1000 gateway (SW 1.2.0)2.2.0john.demore@agptelecom.comOK
AGP Telecom P10,P20,P21 (SW h.450.60-8a0)2.2.0john.demore@agptelecom.comOK
aiOne323 v1.
Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise R5.12.0.6jimmy@abst.com.twOK
Alcatel OmniPCX Office R.3, R.4 and R.52.0.3vmarco@hotmail.comOK
Alcatel Softswitch (SMC 3.0)2.2.1cvenegasl@gmail.comOK, GK-GK scenario in routed mode
Allied Telesyn VP504E FXO Gateway2.0.2mkruk@reu.edu.uyOK
Allied Telesyn VP504E FXS2.0.2mkruk@reu.edu.uyOK
Altertex PBX3.3 OK
Amerilat 5302 FXS2.0jpeters@tropico-network.comOK
Amerilat 5504 FXO2.0jpeters@tropico-network.comOK
Anka Voip phone2.0.3nwong@ankatechnologies.comOK
Antek gateway EGW-9040.17pioneer@dome.net.twOK
Antek VSP-20042.0.2soji@mdci.caOK
Antek VSP-2510 with 2 VM 4022.2.1j@waytechnet.com.brOK
Antek VSP-50022.2.1j@waytechnet.com.brOK
Antek VSP-50042.2.1j@waytechnet.com.brOK
Anyuser IP Phone0.17cwhuang@linux.org.twOK
Ascend MAX 6000, TASO 9.0-154.02.0fred@ebone.atOK
Ascend MAX 60000.17wendell@sunnet.com.brOK
Ascend TNT / TAOS
Ascend MaxTNT / TAOS 9.01.0pre6havemann@bell-labs.comOK
Ascom APA-45o-Voice and APA-45i-Voice1.0Kaing.Szeto@ascom.chOK
Asiasoft SOX-90002.2.1alta1@163.netOK
Asterisk with Oh3232.2.5Rushan@mec.com.joOK, see config notes
Asterisk since V 0.962.2.2sgaleotti@grupoalternativa.comOK
Asterisk PBX / CVS version April 20032.0.3biba200@yahoo.comOK
AT-323 ip phone2.0.5petersun@atcom.com.cnOK
Audiocodes gateway MP-10x2.0m.bruni@mail.anywarenet.itOK
Audiocodes Mediant20002.0.2nickfrat@packetback.comOK
Auvtech VoIP Gateway
Auvtech VoIP Softswitch
Avaya 4610SW2.2.3agr.telecom@gmail.comFailed, 4610 sends malformed GRQ, reboots on GCF
Avaya Communication Manager OK, use H.323 trunk without registering with Avaya
Avaya IP Office 4.0(10)2.2.6tj.adams@cabletecbns.comOK
Avaya MCU / Version:, works only in routed mode
BATM Access 2012.2.0teodor@egvrn.netOK, problems with GRQ and NAT
BCM HP-1802.0.5jphn@mpn.com.twOK
BCM KG1000-LS-HX2.0.2gary@mpn.com.twOK
BCM KG1000-L2S-HX2.0.2gary@mpn.com.twOK
Boscom Bosanova USB Connect
BTL IPPhone, RADvision 1.02.0 beta 8cf@netskate.dkOK
Centnet CNG2000 gateway0.17liuyu@centnet.com.cnOK
CentralityComm PA1688 based Lan Phone2.0.3woody@centralitycomm.comOK
Cirilium Call Manager2.0.3rafael@thinkfreak.com.br and felipe@thinkfreak.com.brOK, but no H.323 in NATed networks
Cirilium Media Gateways2.0.3rafael@thinkfreak.com.br and felipe@thinkfreak.com.brOK, but no H.323 in NATed networks
Cisco ATA 186-L-I22.0.1niclas.gustafsson@codesense.comOK
Cisco ATA 1862.0.6gsalas@manta.telconet.netOK
Cisco 17502.0 beta 3sevk@maks.netOK
Cisco 17512.0.2gene@amtkom.ruOK
Cisco 1751V 4FXO IOS
Cisco 2610 gateway0.17kuan@infoserve.com.twOK
Cisco IP/VC 3511 MCU (sw 4.2.10)2.2.2sedivi.mark@chello.huOK
Cisco 36402.0.7peterzhao88@hotmail.comOK
Cisco 36402.0.2jompigrande@hotmail.comOK, Media Gateway as permanent endpoint
Cisco 37252.0.6alex.golyshev@mail.ruOK
Cisco 53002.0.3thandy@seed.net.twOK
Cisco 5300, 5400 IOS 12.2,3 13.x2.0.2fred@ebone.atOK
Cisco 53502.0.6alex.golyshev@mail.ruOK
Cisco 54002.2.2sgaleotti@grupoalternativa.comOK
Cisco 54002.0.2gene@amtt.ruOK
Cisco AS5850 12.3(9)2.2 beta 4ianc@band-x.netOK
Cisco 72062.0.2gene@amtkom.ruOK
Cisco 75072.0.2gene@amtkom.ruOK
Cisco 79052.0rdesalis@fx.net.nzOK
Cisco 7905G2.0.6sbmannan@mail.comOk, specify H.323 firmware when ordering!
Cisco 79602.0.4Oleg.Ustinov@nectis.comOK
Cisco IP/VC 3540 MCU module2.0 beta 9mwinckless@rspca.org.ukOK, except proxy mode, set MCU to register as gateway to support prefixes
Cisco 3620 IOS 12.2T T H245 PRI Gateway2.0 beta 9mwinckless@rspca.org.ukOK, some known Cisco H.323 implementation issues
Cisco 3660 Gateway1.0luigi.leopaldi@katamail.comOK, must give H323-ID and put it in gatekeeper.ini
Cisco MC38102.0 beta 2jacke@bofh.plOK
Cisco 827-4V ADSL router2.0.3vmarco@hotmail.comOK
Cisco AS5300 gateway1.0snapolskikh@hotmail.comOK, see config notes
Cisco AS5350 IOS
Cisco C2600 IOS 12.3(24)3.0dfrankovic@carnet.hrOK, incl. IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy
Cisco CallManager 3.1(3c)2.0 beta 9mwinckless@rspca.org.ukOK, register as gateway
Cisco IAD 24312.2.1tugrul.kiyamcicek@probil.com.trOK
Cisco IP Softphone with Netmeeting Collaboration mode2.0 beta 9mwinckless@rspca.org.ukOK, Netmeeting LDAP problem
Cisco IP/VC3510 MCU1.0adi@adis.on.caOK
Cisco IP/VC3520 gatekeeper1.0adi@adis.on.caOK as neigbour gatekeeper
Cisco MGCP 8 port E1 module Gateway via CCM2.0 beta 9mwinckless@rspca.org.ukOK, some known Cisco H.323 implementation issues
Cisco VG2002.0.8cristian.seva@voiplab.comOK
Cisco ubr9242.0.7florin@napocastar.netOK
Citron CP-1102.0 beta 4fbernal@neo-st.comOK
Citron CP-3102.0 beta 4fbernal@neo-st.comOK
Clarent CallManager2.2.5nicky_larson_2002@hotmail.comOK
Clarent GK2.2.2mlomaster@yahoo.comOK, Clarent GK as endpoint, allow GW to GW calls
Clarent GW, as permanent endpoint
Clearone Collaborate3.5pierlu@gmail.comOK
Clearone VCB MCU3.5pierlu@gmail.comOK, neighbouring with MXM
Clipcomm CP-100/101 Phone2.0.2ahnjw@clipcomm.co.krOK
Clipcomm CG-101 Gateway2.0.2ahnjw@clipcomm.co.krOK
Codian ISDN Gateway v1.0/v1.12.2.3support@codian.comOK
Codian MCU4200 v1.3/v1.4/v1.52.2.3support@codian.comOK
Codian MCU42003.0 OK, incl. IPv6
Codian MCU42203.0 OK, incl. IPv6
Codian MCU4210 v1.52.2.8 OK
Codian IPVCR2.2.2william@codian.comOK
CPM OGK2.2.0ehsan@telecanada.netOK

Products A - C | Products D - J | Products K - R | Products S - Z

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