Anniversary Survey: 15 Years of GNU Gatekeeper

Please take a moment and fill out this survey to let us know what you think about the GNU Gatekeeper and what direction the project should take.
Thanks for your time!

1.) Are you currently using the GNU Gatekeeper ?

Yes, in production
Yes, experimental

2.) Since when are you using GnuGk ?


3.) Which are the most important technologies GnuGk should focus on today ?

Please check all that apply:

more flexible bandwidth management
security / encryption features
IP re-configuration at runtime (eg. add IPs at runtime)
NAT traversal
support applications, eg. auto-attendant, video IVR etc.
integration with Windows SNMP agent
LUA scripting
web-based configuration
standalone configuration app

Please explain:

4.) How do you feel about the security of your H.323 devices ?

Please check all that apply:

I don't think there is any threat
We don't connect to the internet
Our devices are secure
I feel secure, despite the known security issues
We plan to upgrade our security in the near future
I don't know how to improve security


5.) Which features are missing in GnuGk ?

6.) Is there a need for commercial (paid) GnuGk support ?

Please check all that apply:

Email support would be nice
I'd like phone support
There should be on-site support
No thanks, I get along just fine
No thanks, I can't afford paid support


7.) Do you have other ideas how to secure funding for future development ?

8.) How should we deal with WebRTC ?

Ignore it
Too early to decide
Important technology, but let others deal with it
Lets build a WebRTC client / gateway for GnuGk
Lets add WebRTC support to H323Plus


9.) Any other suggestions for the GNU Gatekeeper project ?

Email address to contact you (optional)


Thanks for your participation!

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