GnuGk Survey Results 2014

Thank you very much to all participants! The survey gave me a lot of good insights what currently moves GnuGk users.

Here are the results of the questions that can easily be summarized.

Which features are missing ?

I have added many of the suggestion to the list of ideas for new gatekeeper features.

Most important technologies to focus on

NAT 64%
Support applications (IVR etc.) 56%
Web-based configuration 52%
Security 28%
Standalone configuration 24%
Bandwidth management 20%
IP re-configuration at runtime 8%
LUA scripting 8%


Even so only 20% said that they don't see a threat to their H.323 communications and no respondant claimed that their H.323 devices were secure, only 16% plan to update their security in the near future.

My interpretation is that there is still quite a bit of catching up to do to re-gain secure communications.


There was quite a lot of interest in WebRTC, but many participants were unsure how to deal with this new technology best.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Last updated: 22. May 2014
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