GnuGk Survey Results 2009

Here are the results of the questions that can easily be summarized (no free text). There were also many suggested features etc.

Are you currently using the GNU Gatekeeper ?

Yes, in production 79%
Yes, experimental 18%
No 3%

How would you rate the GNU Gatekeeper ?

Very Good 32%
Good 57%
Ok 11%
Poor 0%

What operating system do you use for GnuGk ?

Linux 94%
Windows 3%
FreeBSD 3%

Voice or Video ?

Voice 57%
Video 43%

Where did you have the the most problems ?

No Problems 29%
Compiling 3%
Installation 0%
Configuration (Authentication) 7%
Configuration (Accounting) 0%
Configuration (Routing) 36%
Configuration (Firewall/NAT) 0%
Other 25%

Which features are missing ?

I have added many of the suggestion to the list of ideas for new gatekeeper features.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Last updated: 03. Dec 2009
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