GNU Gatekeeper 4.0 Beta2

  • new H.235 implementation (password authentication)
    • now GnuGk is able to verify every RAS and Q.931 message from the endpoint and will add securiry tokens so the endpoint can verify every message it gets from gnuGk
    • since implementations vary widely, GnuGk supports a number of compatibility switches in the [H235] section
    • tested with AudioCodes, Innovaphone and H323Plus endpoints
    • Please test if this new im plementation works with your endpoint!
  • IPv6 improvements / bug fixes
  • call rerouting (TCS0 call transfer) for applications (eg. Relaxed Video Server)
  • disable codecs per endpoint
  • status port passwords are not stored in the config file any more, only a PBKDF2 hash
  • bug fixes

Please send feedback directly or to the mailinglist. Thank you!

Beta testing is over. GnuGk 4.0 will be released shortly.

Compiling the GnuGk Source Code

Please see the notes on how to compile the gatekeeper.

Last updated: 20. Aug 2017
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