GNU Gatekeeper 3.3

GNU Gatekeeper version 3.3 was released on May 14th, 2013.

Highlights and new features:

  • support for H.460.18/.19 between parent and child gatekeepers
  • interoperability fixes for H.460.19 RTP multiplexing with Tandberg/Cisco equipment
  • support for pre-granted ARQs: [RoutedMode] PregrantARQ=1
  • configurable DiffServ DSCP to set QoS for RTP
  • new [RewriteCLI::SQL] feature to read CLI reqrites from Database
  • new [Routing::NeighborSQL] policy to read Neighbor targets from database
  • SNMP traps with warnings are now disabled by default, re-enable with [SNMP] EnableWarningTraps=1
  • new switch [RasSrv::LRQFeatures] PingAlias= to reduce resource usage processing LRQ pings
  • improvements to [RewriteSourceAddress] Rules
  • new switch [SQLConfig] NeighborsQuery2= for loading neighbors from database in new style format
  • new switch [RasSrv::RRQFeatures] AuthenticatedAliasesOnly to strip out any aliases that are not authenticated
  • new witchRasSvr::RRQFeatures] GatewayAssignAliases switch to disable assigning aliases to gateways on registration
  • security fix for SQLite
  • many small bug fixes

We are providing executables for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Solaris for download.

Please note that not all executables have all features compiled in. Especially if you want good SNMP support, you should compile GnuGk for your specific OS distribution.

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